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one of our members "hanging" out at it's "house".

one of our members "hanging" out at it's "house".


Here in Slothypus Zone, you will never walk alone.

      We like to make everyone feel needed and important. In this community, there is something for everyone. Wether  it’s being a carpenter, school teacher or personal trainer, Slothypus Zone is here for you!

      We do not judge you by your appearance or where you came from. The only exception to this is the fact that if you are or once were a hobo, please just turn around and find another Utopian city to go to. Now if you have a tragic life story of why you are a homeless person left to roam the streets, feel free to inform us on it.


one of our new borns......jk

one of our new borns...



By the way, we’re a monotheist society.

Days in the Life of a Slothypusian Student

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That's just cool

That's just cool


Day I

I awake at a reasonable school hour and saunter to my classes. I txt all of my friends in all eight classes. School lets out in the late afternoon, my mom picks me up in the front of the modern school when her workday has ended. (they end at the same time.) While I wait, I am surrounded by my best of friends. We laugh and talk about what to do over the up coming weekend. Quickly, my mom arrives in her new vehicle she bought with her daily pay. The ride to our mansion is short, and i get started on homework (one algebraic problem and read an English statement in French to parent). After brief assignments, I get out my cell phone and chat, chat, chat. When I’m done talking to my friends, I help my mother with dinner. My father should come home soon after his labor-free, well-paying, job. When he arrives, we sit down (sometimes together) and have a little talk about our day. When our meal is complete, we go our seperate ways, usually take a shower, maybe sneak some ice cream upstairs, just chill until bedtime arrives. The lights will go out, and we’ll hit the hay, and start all over the next morning.

Day II

It’s the WEEKEND! I sleep late and wake up to a nice, light breakfast made by my dad. (My parents are off for the weekend). After I finish my yummy breakfast, I get a txt saying my friends are going to hang out at the pool and want me to join them. I send a quick reply saying I need to ask my parents, they agree to let me go for a few hours. I change quickly and head over to the PlatyPool. I chill for three hours and call my mom to pick me up. I come home and take a shower. By now, it’s lunch time, and the menus have just arrived for lunch. I want chicken Parmesan with sauteed squash. After Ieat my tasty meal, I take a quick shower and watch a little TV. I glance at my closet and think i need at least 3 new outfits, I run downstairs to tell my mom. She drives me to the The Jungle Mall and drops me off. The door is opened by a man in a red uniform and asks the max amount of the items I plan to purchase.

“At least ten…” I reply.

“Here’s $200, if you need more, just tell a sales clerk. Thank you.” The little man says.

“Thank you.” I say with a smile and enter the HUGE mall.

I head straight for my favorite store and try on clothes. I quickly find three outfits (including shoes) and still have at least one more item to go. I decide I don’t need anything else and head for the register. I hand over my money and is handed my items after the lady inspects them to assure me they are not ugly. After the inspection, I call my mom to pick me up and she arrives quickly. I show her my new outfits and she approves. We head home (it’s now time for dinner) and wait for the menus to arrive. I’m in the mood for a nice chicken salad and my mother gets to it. After I eat, I walk upstairs to pick out my church outfit for tomorrow. My mother calls out to tell me that I have an hour left to “chill” until lights out. My cell phone goes off revealing a txt from my friend that states that I should get on the computer and check my SP-mail. So I log on and see that there will be a block party/ping-pong tournament at The Zone (a really hip club for all ages) is after church tomorrow, and to attend, you must click the link. I click and the computer flashes “CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE!”. When I’m finished doing stuff on the computer, I log off and go back to messing with my phone. I send a BUNCH of txts to my buddies until my mom said to brush my teeth and hit the sack.



It’s Sunday! And that means I have to wake up a little earlier than usual, but I’m not complaining. After I get dressed, I walk downstairs and look at my breakfast menu. I’m in the mood for sugar crepes with a creme cheese side and chocolate drizzled on top. (These are brought to me by the cafe workers because you have to let the crepe mix sit in the fridge for a long time.) I eat my crepes and brush my teeth. When everyone is ready, we get in the car and head to the church. We arrive early because my padre is one of the musicians in the worship team. My mom and I sit quietly while they rehearse. When rehearsal is over, we still sit quietly, occasionally say “hello” to arriving people, and just wait until the worship team assembles on stage yet again.

After church, I change into more relaxing clothes and eat lunch. I quickly remember the get-together at The Zone. I tell my dad and he agrees to drop me off. I arrive and my friends greet me. I rock out to my favorite music and play a little bit of ping-pong. I WON 3rd PLACE! After I had my fun, I call my parents to pick me up. I arrive home and take a shower then plop on my bed to chill for the rest of my weekend. It was a fun weekend and can’t wait until the next one.

Some of my friends crossing the street. And yes, they looked both ways.

Some of my friends crossing the street. And yes, they looked both ways.


C’mon Friends

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Ok. So you live in America and you want a change in your daily rotine? WEll Slothypus Zone would be the place for you!

 We have plenty of fun things for every one.

  1. You go to school on a daily basis. YAY
  2. If you are in a group sport, you meet with said group every monday and thursday starting at four o’clock
  3. Lacross, Gymnastics, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Bowling, Baseball/softball, Swiming, Skating, Skiing and much more seasonal sports are available
  4. Band rehersals are on tuesdays directly after school
  5. Chior rehersals are on wednesdays also after school
  6. During school you have a chioce of Art, Band, Chior, Drama and Woodshop
  7. You may also take one forgein language. Either French, German, Dutch, Korean or Spanish
  8. We also have a basket-weaving for you older people who enjoy that sort of thing
  9. Also, baking/cooking classes are available to people of all ages
One of our after school activities. It's an up-coming play.

One of our after school activities. It's an up-coming play.


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We chose to use the Slothypus because it symbolizes AWESOME! But it also is a combination of the worlds two most epic creatures… the sloth and platypus. :]

Hello world!

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I could'nt resist this cute little new born's portrate...

I couldn't resist this cute little newborn's portrait...

This was just like…chillin here so I added an adorable picture of a new born member!